Outdoor Group Training

Suited for all levels, my outdoor group workouts are designed not only to help you build strength, stamina and increase overall well-being but also to enable you to have fun, gain confidence, and create a sustainable fitness lifestyle. Each class is built according to the people who attend, taking into account possible injuries or limitations, and no two classes are the same, which means everyone feels included, supported and challenged in their own journey.

Fresh air, a strong community and expertly programmed workouts combined with excellent music and a fun coach will hopefully help you create the fitness lifestyle that you want, without the gym membership that you never use :)

Fully equipped

Many outdoor trainings you see around town are mainly bodyweight-based and may have little to no music, due to the noise exposure.

For all my strength classes, I bring with me a fully loaded cargo bike, enabling you to use a variety of weights and gym equipment (ranging from handweights/kettlebells to slamballs and battle ropes) so you can increase strength, learn proper lifting form and feel the difference within weeks. And the best part: the music! You will receive a specially designed set of headphones before each class, so you can experience motivating music as well as my instructions without being bothered or bothering the surroundings!

Forward this to your boss or social activity club!

Whether it be a one-off team building event or a regular health benefit for your workplace – I'm happy to deliver classes on site, according to your wishes as long as its biking distance within Copenhagen city center.

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Outdoor group training classParticipants in outdoor fitness
Agnieszka Majer

“She brings so much energy to the class that even on your worst day you feel like you can do anything with her as a coach! Highly recommended”

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Headphones used for the workouts

Highly motivating and immersive headphone technology

Music plays a huge part in workout motivation and therefore I have chosen to use these specially designed headphones for a totally immersive experience.

With clean tones, deep bass and clear instructions, the sound bubble will increase your focus on the training and sharpen your presence within the team.

My coaching will go through clearly and distinctly to everyone – regardless of where you are standing, moving or jumping and what's even cooler is that you can adjust your own volume to suit your hearing preferences and all this without disturbing anyone or being disturbed!

Outdoor Les mills bodycombat

Probably one of the most fun and empowering cardio workouts out there! Inspired by mixed martial arts, choreographed to the hippest beats, achievable and absolutely addictive, you will leave a class wanting more - because of how it makes you FEEL! Perfect air quality, together with perfect sound thanks to the specially designed headphones - this if definitely worth every uppercut and side-kick.

Yes, we also do this outdoors!

Gym classrooms are often so packed that you can taste your classmate's sweat, the air quality is questionable and the sound is quite often glitchy...

Taking this cardio class outside solves all of the above, providing exceptional space, the best air conditioning and of course the sound is crystal clear thanks to the special headphones you will receive before each class.

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Outdoor BodyCombat class
Outdoor BodyCombat class
Monika Garne
“If you struggle with accountability, as I did, or need to finally get that motivation to take yourself & your health seriously, I can only recommend this. Best decision ever!”
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Outdoor Personal training

As a certified and experienced Personal Trainer, I love to get to know my clients and how I can help them achieve the fitness levels they want. I still don't believe in quick fixes, but I do believe in building strength and forming great workout habits for a stronger lifestyle.

All personal training sessions take place outdoors – mostly my clients will come to me where I can offer more diverse equipment for training, but I am also mobile within Copenhagen. We can train in parks, by the beach or in your backyard - wherever you will feel the most comfortable.

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