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Phone number: +45 53 57 56 61

1. services

These terms and conditions apply to all services offered by Alex Beck, including outdoor group training, personal training and similar services for both private and business clients.

2. payment

When purchasing memberships and other recurring services - the customer agrees that Alex Beck is authorised to perform recurring transactions on the customer's payment card. Payments include all services related to the services offered by Alex Beck.

Upon the agreement, the customer gives permission for one transaction to be made for each payment period (month), as long as the membership is active. The transaction will be performed on the last banking day before a new payment period begins. Alex Beck is solely authorised to perform the transactions on the amount for the upcoming period. Any additional amounts must be separately approved by the customer.

In case of expiration of the card, an automatic email will be sent as a reminder to renew the card information.

3. changes

Alex Beck reserves the right to make changes to the services offered/quotes, opening hours and terms and conditions. Changes can take effect no earlier than 2 weeks after they have been announced on the website.

4. Duration

Memberships are ongoing and continue until terminated according to section 7. The duration of personal training courses will be agreed with Alex Beck at the time of purchase of this service.

5. hiatus

The membership can be put on hiatus for one month, equivalent to four calendar weeks. The desired start and end dates for the period must be stated at the start of the hiatus period. It is not possible to put a membership on hiatus during a notice period, and any hiatus will be cancelled if the membership is terminated.

6. Right of withdrawal

Once you have paid for your membership for outdoor group training, the money cannot be refunded for the period. See also the termination section 7.

Personal training is tailored specifically to your needs/goals. Therefore, this service is covered by the exception in the Consumer Contract Act § 18, paragraph 2, no. 3. This means that there is no right of withdrawal after preparation of an individual training course/training program.

7. termination

Fixed and Flex memberships can be terminated by giving notice by the 25th of the current month, for termination by month end.

Unlimited memberships can be terminated by giving notice by the 25th of the current month for termination by month end, under the condition that the membership has been on-going for the agreement period of 3 months.

Alex Beck may terminate any membership agreement with immediate effect without stating a reason, in which case the prepaid membership fee corresponding to the remaining days in the given calendar month will be refunded. In case of material breach of the membership conditions, however, there will be no refund.

Termination of the membership must be done by SMS (+4553575661), upon which Alex Beck will acknowledge with a written confirmation of receipt of the termination. The termination is effective from the time the written termination is received and will be valid as of the next calendar month.

If a membership is terminated while it is on hiatus, the hiatus period will be cancelled immediately, and the member will be obligated to pay for the remainder of the period.

8. Health condition

Training takes place at the customer's own risk, and the customer is responsible for being in a health condition that allows participation in training with Alex Beck. When participating in group training, it is very important that Alex Beck is informed of any health problems before the group starts.

Alex Beck does not take responsibility for personal injuries to a customer as a result of accidents, actions of other visitors, or inadequate actions.

9. Cancellation and non-attendance

Cancellation for participation in the individual groups that the customer is enrolled in must be reported no later than 24 hours before the planned group starts. If the customer fails to cancel within the described time frame, a fine of 150 DKK will be charged.

Cancellation of personal training must be reported no later than 24 hours before by email/text message. If the cancellation is too late or the customer fails to attend, it is not possible to make up the cancelled training.

10. Valuables

Alex Beck does not bear any responsibility for loss due to theft or damage to property. Training takes place outdoors and the member is responsible for a storage solution for belongings brought along.

11. Media

Alex Beck regularly takes pictures of training for updating social media, website, or other marketing channels, and the training takes place in public areas. If the customer appears in the picture or video material and wishes for it not to be publicly available, it is Alex Beck's duty to respect the wish.

12. Complaint process

A complaint about a product or service can be submitted to the Center for Complaint Resolution, Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg.

You can file a complaint with the Center for Complaint Resolution through the Complaint Portal for Nævnenes Hus. (

If you are a consumer residing in another EU country, you can submit your complaint through the European Commission's online complaint platform. (

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